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Fürst Advisory Services has deep consulting expertise across many industries. Working alongside clients on their most critical challenges often results in new industry perspectives and insights.

Financial Services / Insurance

Financial Services Institutions globally are facing significant challenges to their existing business models. Cost pressure, customer-driven demands for ubiquitous availability of services and stiff competition from challenger banks are just some of them.
We have helped financial institutions world-wide to navigate growing legal and regulatory constraints by developing and implementing innovative digital processes. Some of the leading global players have trusted us to re-engineer their loan origination process, paving the way for fully-automatic lending products in markets where that was previously not possible.

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Marked by global consolidation and regulatory developments, market participants continue to be faced with severe cost pressure and the demand for more customized service offerings. Containing developments in fraud and offering advanced services to deter attacks has become essential to compete successfully for the business of merchants.
We have been trusted by some of the largest on-line retailers to intelligently source acquiring services, optimizing for the factors most important to each client. We have worked with acquirers to define their product/service portfolio in light of developing market changes.

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The Media and Entertainment sector has been affected early by digitization trends. Several waves have hit different segments of the industry as far back as in the 1990s. Significant shifts in consumer behavior and expectations is dramatically shifting the media landscape. We expect demographic trends, technological developments, ecosystem shifts to drive further massive change in the years to come.
For a free personal dialogue on what this means for your business and how you can strategically position your offerings and execute on a world-class level, please contact us.

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E-commerce / Retail

Are you wondering why more and more sales are shifting online? Do you have a hard time to explain why anybody should still visit your stores? We can help define and implement a results-oriented customer-focussed cross-channel strategy that will allow you to leverage the reach of the e-commerce world and create customer intimacy in your stores.

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Fintech / Regtech / Suptech

Incumbents in the financial services industry are seeing their business models challenged by nimble start-ups that are rethinking service offerings digitally from the customers’ perspective. At the same time, some of these new players are partnering with incumbents, tailoring their service offerings to enable or accelerate digitization efforts for the “elephants” of the industry.
We have been in the middle of these developments for over 10 years, driving the launch of innovative business models and helping incumbents become more successful by creating hard results from digitization efforts.

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